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Our Products

We have developed
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Postgres community

What we do

Products to enhance the Postgres environment

We like open source, we develop open source software, and we are very active and well known at Postgres community. We also develop custom products for clients, always around Postgres environment



StackGres is a full-stack Postgres distribution for Kubernetes, packed into an easy deployment unit with a selected and tuned set of Postgres components.

To build an enterprise-grade Postgres stack, we have chosen the most advanced OS Software components available in the Postgres ecosystem.

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Postgres configuration for humans

Postgres is the world’s most advanced open source database. With around 270 configuration parameters in postgresql.conf, plus all the knobs in pg_hba.conf, it is definitely advanced.

But how many parameters do you tune? 1? 8? 32? Anyone ever tuned more than 64? No tuning means below par performance. But how to start? Which parameters to tune? What are the appropriate values? Enter PostgresqlCO.NF, the future tool to configure Postgres.

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Our services

We offer
professional services
on Postgres

What we do

We are specialized on Infrastructure, Consulting, Professional Services and R&D focused on Postgres.

We design the architecture based on your needs using automation tools to develop infrastructure as code (like Terraform, Ansible, etc.) We fit very high SLA requirements to minimize downtime in production.

Professional Services

Postgres professional services

Whether a Startup or a big Enterprise, you would not leave your Postgres alone, would you? Sleep well. We will take care of your database. Let our specialists troubleshoot your production or development issues. Rock Solid OnGres Support consists on an “open-scope“ arrangement.

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Customize projects for our customers

OnGres can help you in different ways, and provice this service to address highly complex tasks in all the services areas, like live-migrations from Oracle without any downtime or data loss. We adapt to your needs!

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Postgres professional training services

Our learning philosophy is based on the I3 principle: interaction, iteration and involvement in training. Currently, our Postgres catalog includes: Postgres DBA, Advanced Postgres DBA, Lab “What's new?” in the last Postgres version, Design and implementation of databases, Indexes and SQL performance, Postgres and Java. We can deliver them in your offices or online (interactive).

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Find out who trust us

In OnGres we have been helping multiple companies from all kinds of sectors and sizes to super-boost their Postgres databases and infrastructure from a long time ago, with different approaches in each of them. These are just a few examples.

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