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StackGres is a Cloud-Native platform for running Postgres on Kubernetes.

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StackGres Running on Kubernetes

Running on Kubernetes

Running Postgres on K8s? Yes, we can! We have tailored Postgres and all of the components of the stack for a truly native K8s experience.

StackGres Enterprise-Grade Stack

Enterprise-Grade Stack

Postgres full-stack distribution to take Postgres to the next level.

StackGres Easy Installation

Easy Installation

You will be able to install a full enterprise-grade Postgres cluster as easily as deploying a small YAML file or a few clicks on a web UI.

StackGres 100% Open Source

100% Open Source

StackGres deploys vanilla, open-source Postgres and open-source Postgres ecosystem components. StackGres itself is also open source.


Runaway from the vendor lock-in, you can install StackGres on multiple Clouds and on-premise.

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